Last Day at Home

My dog wants to come with!

Today is my last day in California, by this time next week I will be living in Madagascar. I cannot even believe it. It is completely crazy and my mind cannot wrap itself around the idea that I will be there for 27 months.

Not that I haven’t had enough time to prepare! This process has been a long one. At one point I hadn’t heard a peep from the Peace Corps for 6 long months! Since it is my first post on the blog, I thought I would give you a quick timeline of my Peace Corps journey so far. So here it goes:

My Peace Corps Timeline

December 2013: Apply to Peace Corps

February 2014: 15 min phone interview

March 2014: 1.5 hour in-person interview with recruiter

May 2014: Receive 5 potential options for nomination (Madagascar, Georgia, Guyana, Azerbaijan and Zambia)

May 2014: Nominated for Peace Corps Madagascar (my first choice!)

May 2014: Graduation from University of Wisconsin-Madison

June 2014: Legal Clearance given

June – December 2014: Waiting to hear back

December 2014: Invited to join!

March 2015: Medical clearance given

June 2015: Departure
Yes, you read it correctly, I applied a year and a half ago. I know what you are thinking, “She has known for a while that she might go away for 2 years, she should be used to the idea by now.”

Well I’m not. I never really gave myself the chance to process it because I keep worrying that somehow this opportunity will be taken away from me. Going to live in Madagascar for 27 months, that can’t be real, right? But it is.

I am incredibly honored to have been given this opportunity and I hope I make all of you proud.


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